a holy land

As morning breaks in Jerusalem, the bus to Ramallah travels
through dusty Qalandiya checkpoint – a daily routine for the Palestinians who work across the border.

A thirsty landscape lies ahead, a valley of olive trees and stone formations, waiting for rain…waiting for change..


The top of Mount Gerizim, one of two mountains located in the vicinity of the Palestinian city of Nablus. Looking over the southern side of the valley, you can see the Israeli settlement Elon Moreh and the IDP camp (internally displaced people) Balata. The Tomb of Joseph is also located here, which used to be a shared site of worship and has now become a place of division.


The beauty of life. The differences and inequalities of everything that surrounds us – the perplexity of life – how do we decide on what is right and what is wrong? I see wild growing nature and the man-made blocks of limestone.


Since Ancient time various sorts of colourful limestones, laying underneath rocky hills of the holy land, play a significant role in the area.
Being a highly durable material that hardens with exposure to the atmosphere, yet soft and easy to quarry, has through out time been mostly used for building and construction purposes.